The Importance Of E-Commerce For Small Businesses

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is the process of using the internet to sell or purchase goods and services. We can engage in transactions with customers without their physical presence if we embrace E-Commerce. As the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down the whole planet, the importance of e-commerce has never been more obvious. People’s ability to move freely to buy goods and get services has been restricted, paving the way for a surge in E-Commerce demand.

The importance of e-commerce in Zimbabwe for SME’s

Apart from large corporations, local businesses, supermarkets, and even retail grocery stores are adopting the e-route by adopting E-Commerce. In today’s world, e-commerce has become synonymous with corporate expansion. E-commerce duplicates the future, just as brick and mortar replicates the presence of trade.

Any industry can depend on the E-Commerce platform to improve their business, be it the grocery shops, milk shops, wood, or plastic industry.

1) A global customer base

The capacity to establish a global consumer base is one of the most essential advantages of E-Commerce. A buyer from anywhere in the globe can purchase things from your e-market thanks to the internet.

Many internet users choose E-Commerce since it allows them to send purchased goods directly through courier and specialized service providers. E-markets are also a popular hangout spot for online visitors due to the ability to choose a product from anywhere in the world and the ability to check consumer ratings and comments.

2) Product e-display that works

Customers are more likely to notice well-presented merchandise. The seller has the ability to organize all of the products in a systematic manner on an E-Commerce platform.

On an e-commerce platform, product categories can be easily searched. A set of good product images with a description will easily sway the buyer.

Customers can choose the best product for them thanks to the single-click buy option and easy-to-manage payment options, as well as the attractive display. E-commerce allows you to display things not only to individuals who come to your cash register, but to the entire online population.

3) There’s a “Click and Collect” option.

The ability to click and collect is a hallmark of all E-Commerce ERPs. This feature allows customers to choose items from anywhere and pick up their purchases immediately from the business.

It assists clients in saving time. A consumer does not have to roam throughout the store to find what they want. Instead, customers can browse the things on display at the E-Commerce site and purchase the item by clicking on it. Payments can be made in person or via the internet.

4) Fast door-to-door delivery

Customers who prefer home delivery always want fast service. An E-Commerce platform makes it easier for the seller to pack the things that the client has purchased.

The E-Commerce platform eliminates the possibility of product duplication, mistaking one item for another, and other errors. Because everything is done online, delivery points can be prioritized, allowing things to be delivered on time.

Customers will return to your E-Commerce platform if you provide prompt customer service.

5) Suitable for senior citizens

For senior customers, the E-Commerce platform is the best option. A user-friendly E-Commerce platform can be relied on by anyone who can use the internet or who has the support of others for re-purchase.

Senior citizens who find it difficult to leave their homes to buy household items, furniture, and appliances will undoubtedly rely on your E-Commerce platform.

6) Virtual Market

A virtual marketplace for the vendor and the customer is provided by an e-commerce platform. By foregoing a fully complete display space, the entrepreneur can save money. Instead, the business owner can set up a virtual marketplace.

Instead of a flawless market place to attract consumers, only an inventory or warehouse will be necessary to store the goods.

8) It’s simple to compare product quality.

For any buyer, selecting the best product is the most difficult process. It is, however, a simple process on an E-Commerce platform because products from the same category are grouped together. Furthermore, the structure enables customers to comprehend the features of various products with a single click.

Customers may easily compare product quality by looking at user reviews, product ratings, and product comments.

9) Comparing prices is a breeze.

In an E-Commerce Platform, comparing products is a piece of cake. Because all products’ true pricing, discounted prices, and other offers are listed in the E-Commerce Platform, a buyer may easily select the product that best fits his budget.

Price comparison makes shopping a pleasurable experience for customers. A consumer who is pleased with their purchase is more likely to return to your store on a regular basis.

A tool that allows customers to compare costs will help you attract clients from all walks of life to your marketplace.

10) Spot online payment

The E-Commerce Platform’s main feature is online spot payment. Customers can pay for items on an E-Commerce Platform using Paypal, Ecocash, Telecash, One-Money, Zipit or credit or debit cards.

In the E-Commerce Platform, manual calculation of the bill amount or balance to be repaid to the customer is no longer a concern. Furthermore, it simplifies the vendor’s accounting.

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