What is the Purpose of a Website?


The purpose of a website is to convert visitors into leads. And the best way to do so is to identify the main user categories who visit your site, speak to their requirements, and provide them with a clear next step.

Well, if you think about it, the first and most important goal of developing a website is to capture the attention of the Internet audience!

purpose of websites
purpose of websites

What exactly is a website?
A website is a collection of one or more Internet pages. The pages of a single website are linked by a domain name and share a same subject and style. The page that displays Google search results, the page that displays YouTube videos, and your Facebook page are all sections of the same website.

People and businesses establish websites for a variety of reasons:

  • selling goods and services
  • posting and discovering information on the Internet
  • learning
  • talking with one another
  • having fun, and so on.

Everybody can think of a fantastic reason to make a website! However, in general, the websites are being built to provide a helpful service that others will use. It may even be free, though if it’s something truly cool, you could always profit from it!

Different types of websites and their different purposes.

Landing Page Website

A landing page is a webpage that encourages a visitor to take a specific action. For instance, we need him to sign up for a newsletter, purchase a conference ticket, get a quote, or download a presentation.

The goal: first and foremost, the landing page should direct the user to the exact location where the target ad is shown. This page’s goal is to turn a casual website visitor into a potential customer.

Informational Website

The informational website is a huge web portal that is organized as a multi-level integration of numerous resources and services that is updated in real-time.

The informative website has a large number of original stuff. This type of site has a complicated structure and navigation, as well as a variety of interactive features. Websites that provide information are intended for a wide number of people.

The major goal of the informational website is to assist users in locating the information they require on a certain topic. All of the data available on the website is easy to arrange and systematize thanks to the website’s unique functions, making working with it as efficient and convenient as possible. In this situation, the informational website serves as a user’s guide on the Internet, substantially simplifying the search for thematic resources when compared to search engines.

Corporate Website

The official internet presence of the corporation is the corporate website. The corporate website provides detailed information about the company, as well as the breadth of its activities, goods, and services. The corporate website usually includes a product catalog as well as a list of supplementary services, such as a forum, polls, and newsletters.

You may use the corporate website to do things like do computations online, sell products, conduct market research and promotions, send out news to visitors, collect consumer feedback, and arrange voting, among other things.

When designing a corporate website, pay careful attention to the design because it is, first and foremost, an image tool. It should reflect your company’s style and create trust in customers, partners, and the press.

The goal of the company website is to solve a variety of issues:

  • acquiring new clients and partners;
  • enhancing the corporate image;
  • recruiting new staff;
  • establishing convenient and effective contact with customers and partners.

Brochure Website

A brochure is a multi-page web resource that includes information about a firm or a single individual. This is a great advertising image for small firms and individual entrepreneurs. This webpage is frequently developed by individuals who provide a range of services.

The main goal of developing a brochure website is to introduce customers to the organization.

Unlike a traditional business website, the brochure does not provide detailed answers to all of the client’s inquiries. It is devoid of the majority of heavyweight website modules and focuses on accessibility.

In general, the brochure serves as image advertising, eliciting favorable feelings, increasing the company’s credibility with new customers and fostering loyalty among existing customers, all with the goal of fostering fruitful partnership.

Entertainment Website

The entertainment website’s primary goal is to entertain its users, hence it focuses on offering entertainment-related information, images, and interactive online services.

Bright visuals, animation, entertainment information, interactive chat rooms, online games, photo galleries, drawings, audios & videos, and so on are all signs of an entertainment website.

Because millions of people visit it only to have fun and find someone to have fun with, entertaining websites usually feature more interactive aspects than other types of websites. As a result, entertainment websites require chat rooms and forums where users can communicate with one another.

A website dedicated to entertainment is also a great place to advertise. It’s similar to a large billboard in the middle of the highway: a bright banner will catch the visitor’s eye and direct him to the company’s website.

Personal Website

A personal website is a terrific way to express yourself, advertise your business, or showcase your talents. Brochures, portfolio websites, and personal blogs are all examples of personal websites.

Typically, a self-promotional website is developed by a single person or by a single entrepreneur: artists, musicians, photographers, lawyers, doctors, and so on.

A personal website is usually not very large, and it contains personal or biographical information as well as information on the website owner’s services.

The goal of most personal websites is to promote the individual, to find new customers, sponsors, employment, or partners.

Educational Website

Definition: Modern educational institutions are beginning to recognize the many benefits of the global network. Courses, admission requirements, professors, tests, and much more can all be found on an educational website.

You won’t see colorful CTAs on educational websites, but you will find clear and simple evidence of reliability and quality.

The instructional website’s primary goals are as follows:

  • giving widespread and high-quality access to existing educational products;
  • encouraging the development of new educational products;
  • and contributing to the promotion of model forms of educational process organization.

E-commerce Website

The e-commerce website allows clients to select preferred products from a catalog from a distance and place orders online. The website serves as both a display and a sales area, with its illustrated product inventory, detailed explanations, and online help.

The goal of the e-commerce website is to enable you to:

  • develop and solidify its position in the goods and services industry;
  • expand the number of customers without incurring significant costs;
  • increase brand awareness;
  • boost earnings

Nonprofit Website

Non-profit websites are initiatives that are not assigned to responsibilities to boost a company’s or organization’s earnings. Authorities, educational institutions, social institutions, partnerships, and foundations all have websites like this.

The goal: these websites are generally established to ensure a company’s online presence, and they are mostly informative.


There are numerous benefits to having a well-designed website:

  • lowering the cost of other forms of advertising; unlimited product demonstration possibilities;
  • free and highly informative feedback;
  • ability to clarify the interests of potential and regular customers;
  • increasing company revenue through online sales;
  • a platform for training and testing employees;
  • a method of exchanging confidential information between offices;
  • … plus a slew of more!

In any event, if you build your website correctly, you will achieve your aim and increase visitors to your site!

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